Thank you for your interest in my project, Roving Typist. I type stories for strangers, in person and from afar. If you’d like, there’s this film you can watch about it. Sometimes the stories are completely made up in my head, sometimes I collaborate with the person I’m writing the story for – it all depends on what the passerby wants. I’m available to bring my project to your event, as well.


This is the place where you can order a one-of-a-kind story from afar, written just for you. I will not duplicate or replicate the story in any way, you will be the sole owner. If you happen to do something cool with the story – like make it into a movie, or compose a musical based on it, or put it in a really neat frame, let me know!

The story will come in an envelope, stamped with my typewriter stamp, with the title on the outside. Inside will be a piece of paper, 8.5″ by 5.5″, with the typewritten story, as well as the date it was written. If you have any special instructions, put them in the “what would you like your story to be about?” section. IMPORTANT: please be specific about genders and relationships and names (unless you don’t care about me getting those things right).

Feel free to just request a story, any story! Roll the dice! Or, conversely, be very specific! Links to pictures/facebooks/twitters are welcome. Want to upload a picture? You can do that too and I’ll start there.

The longest your story will be is two pieces of paper, front only. One page is usually the norm.

I am currently closed for the winter, working on a project. If you have ordered a story but never received it, please contact me. And feel free to e-mail me about any other inquiries.


I'll re-open in 2015 with some fun additions. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when that happens!

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